Lace Embroidery Machine

40 head lace embroidery machine

Item No.: HFIIIS-640
"Hefeng" Super Multi Head Lace Embroidery Machine, Mainly For The High Quality Lace Embroidery
Type Needle No. Head No Head Interval(mm) Embroidery Area(mm)
HFIIIS-640 6/9/12/15 12 300/330/400 450/550/680/750/850
HFIIIS-644 6/9/12/15 15 300/330/400 450/550/680/750/850
HFIIIS-656 6/9/12/15 18 300/330/400 450/550/680/750/850

Our Machine Can Be Customized As Your Requirement
  Dahao Computer System, A18, A58, M98 Are All Available
1000rpm, 1200rpm, 1500rpm Are Available
Adopt Special Beam Foot, Widening Base And Beam; Ensure Stability Of Embroidery
Adopt The Latest Guide Rail And German Belt, Ensure The Stability And Durability Of Frame
Adopt High-Speed Color-Changing Motor, Decrease The Color-Changing Time And Improve The Production Efficiency
Auto Trimming, Auto Thread Break Detection