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20 Head High Speed Flat Embroidery Machine

Function Overview:
● HE FENG brand 5th generation embroidery machine with all servo motors system 
● High-grade machine having extended functionality and superior performance 
● High-end model making the most use of HE FENG’s technologies 
● HFV series, HE FENG’s newest model, higher added value and higher production

Main Feature:
● Maximum speed: 1200 rpm
● Automatic thread trimmer, 
auto color change
● 8” LCD computer showing real time stitching
● Original Japanese KOBAN rotary hook
● Original Germany Continental brand belt
● Inside memory: 2 Million stitches, 200 designs
● Both upper and bobbin thread break detection
● Quality embroidery output: excellent tatami and small letters (logo)
● Bridge type structure, steady performance with less vibration and noise

● All servo motors system: Energy efficient, low production cost and longer life
● Advanced upper thread holding system to decrease off-line rate, enhance the efficiency
● Auto thread tension device, adaptable to different tension requirements
● Advanced linear drive, making the pantograph move more stably with less noise
● Multi Languages: Chinese, English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Turkish
● Electricity: 110V, 220V, 380V, 50~60HZ available

Contrast Table:

Computer DAHAO 8" DAHAO 8" DAHAO 15"
Main motor DAHAO Servo DAHAO Servo DAHAO Servo
Pantograph motor DAHAO Servo DAHAO Servo DAHAO Servo
Speed 1000 1200 1500
Tension base New New  New
Upper thread holding with with  with 
Cutter Auto trimmer
Thread break detection Both upper and bobbin threads breack detection
Multi-language interface English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Turkish
Rotary hook Original Japan Hirose
Belt Original German Continental

Model No. Needle No. Head No. Head space
Embroidery area
HFV-904 9 4 400 400/600*750 1200 1
HFV-906 9 6 400 400/600*750 1200 1
HFV-908 9 8 400 400/600*750 1200 1.5
HFV-910 9 10 400 400/600*750 1200 2
HFV-912 9 12 400 400/600*750 1200 2
HFV-915 9 15 400 400/600*750 1200 3
HFV-916 9 16 300 300/600*750 1200 3
HFV-918 9 18 300 300/600*750 1200 3
HFV-920 9 20 300 300/600*750 1200 3
HFV-922 9 22 300 300/600*750 1200 3
HFV-924 9 24 300 300/600*750 1200 3
HFV-930 9 30 300 300/600*750 1200 3

Different specification machines can be made into oder upon request!

FAQ Hot Questions        

Q: Is this a trustable long-term strategic partner?

A: Just ask our customers, view our company profile, assessment of capability, factory glimpse, and the honor we had. And why not contact us or pay a visit to us?

Q: What service will I get with this buying?

A: Simply at your service: available consultancy before sales, easy communication during sales, easy payment term, smooth and safe delivery of guaranteed quality, and assured timely services after sales.

Q: What kind of embroidery work and embroidery machine do I need?

A: Think: ready-made garment/cap/hat, or garment before sewing, or just flat fabric?

Normal flat stitch, or special chenille/chain/loop stitch, or sequin/paillette, or cord/tape/ribbon to add value to your embroidery?

Q: How many heads do I need and what embroidery area on each head?

A: Think: how big is your factory and how much is your expected production?

The embroidery area on each head depends on the maximum area of your embroidery design to run.

Q: How many stitches do I get per minute (SPM) on each head?

A: Super high speed model gives max. 1500SPM,

High speed model gives max. 1200SPM,

Normal speed model gives max. 1000SPM,

Q: Do I need the Elite model or economy model?

A: Think: How much would you pay for a machine? What we offer is what you need!

Q: Can I represent and sell HeFeng machines in my market?

A: Welcome to join HeFeng family and grow to be a strong distributor.