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Computerised 10 Head Coiling Embroidery Machine For Bed Sheet / Cushion

Product Features

1. Combines flat embroidery, cording embroidery and coiling embroidery in one.
2. Zig zag embroidery can be enriched different embroideries.
3. Taping machine head can embroidery many kinds of taps and cords.
4. Taping embroidery, beading embroidery, flat embroidery and sequin embroidery can be mixed by client’s 
    request, make embroidery diversified.
5. Simple to change the taping accessories, presser foot route can be adjusted.
6. Lock machine head independently, convenient for different overlays with 3D puff effect.

Parameters (Can be customized)

Model Flat needle no. Flat head No. Cording head No. Head space(mm) Embroidery area(mm) Machine size(mm)
HFTCIII-602 6 2 2 550 550*850 3105*2160
HFTCIII-610 6 10 10 550 550*850 7605*2160
HFTCIII-912 9 12 12 550 550*850 8705*2160
HFTCIII-618 6 18 18 450 600*750 11500*2160

Why to choose HEFENG Embroidery Machines?


1. Machine life. The common Chinese brand can only last 2-3 years , while Hefeng can be to 8-10years. Save new investment, and lower down the annual investment, Which is reported by our customers.


2. Latest noise reduction developments help create a quiet and pleasant working environment for operators


3. Production efficiency: Around 25% higher than other Chinese machines. Save 30% manual work with much more efficient ( Patent technology).


4. Excellent embroidery quality. When do some small size embroidery design which require strictly quality , like Nike or Adidas logo embroidery, the neat and smooth effect can compared with Tajima or SWF 's. Enable the user to get more business of high quality requirement embroidery products.


5. All accessories are the 80% as the same with Tajima's , can be easily replaced.


6.Our machine can do both thin and very thick and hard fabric.


7. Hefeng strong developing ability . Owning patents of COMPACT TYPE(single head of cap/t-shirt machine) and 86 HEADS LACE MACHIEN and DOUBLE-SIDE EMBROIDERY MACHINE ,even Tajima's have not developed


8. Now HEFENG embroidery machine is the Top brand of Chinese.