Single Head Embroidery Machine

20 Color Single Head Embroidery Machine

Single Head embroidery machine, the best choice of making embroidery samples,suitable for flat bed embroidery, cap/hat embroidery, finished garments embroidery and more,Perfect for both home and commercial embroidery
Model NEEDLE NO.   HEAD NO.     Embroidery Area(mm) Speed(rpm)   Size(mm)  
HFIII-C2001 9/12/15/20   1 600*400 350-1200          1130*1260



1. Dahao 285/A15, 8" Touch Screen system.

2. Dahao servo Motor.

3. Auto Trimming, Auto Color Change And Start Up.

4. Automatic Thread Breaks Detection (Both Bobbin And Upper Threads)
5. Stitch length: 0.1-12.7 mm

6. Storage capacity: 16,000,000 stitches and 400 designs

7. Multi-language operating interface (English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Turkish)

8. Rotary hook: Original made in Japan

9. Accessories & equipment: As per our standard spare parts list
single head embroidery machine

single head embroidery machinecap embroidery machine

Nasrin sultana
May 10, 2020
How much price this type of embroidery machine?