20 heads chenille embroidery machine

The machine is multifunctional, which can make all kinds of traditional embroidery techniques on the same embroidery, added towel stitch, chain stitch and stitch embroidery effect, integrated with many designs and materials.
Description Sample

Common Features:

● Maximum running speed at 1000 SPM;

● Latest original control system by the leading provider of full embroidery solution;

● All new steady, vibration-proof designed chassis for speedy, smooth and quiet embroidery;

● All new designed pantograph of high precision and smoothness assures the finest stitching;

● Powerful accurate controlling by customized servo motor system on main shaft and X/Y shaft;

● Genuine parts and automatic oiling system safeguards the long lasting 24 hours running;

● Intelligent high sensitive thread breakage detection minimizes the chance of a missing stitch;


Flat Head Features:

● Unique designed take up cam and main driving system for perfect shiny, finest stitching;

● Extra wide linear guide rail with jumbo bearings for precise and durable driving of pantograph;

● Soundless designed presser foot driving system improves the user’s experience;

● Easy to adjust the height of presser foot according to different thickness of fabric;

● Smooth feeding of embroidery thread on the unique tension base, even metallic thread;


Chenille Head Features:

● Patented all new high speed chenille head, maintenance free, more durable and quiet;

● Full powerful servo motor system assures the speedy, precise looper and needle turning;

● Easy accessible cover on chenille head and base for easy maintenance, oiling and cleaning;


Nov 20, 2020
What is the 18-head chenille and flat embroidery machine price
Jun 08, 2020
What is price with shipping to Pakistan.