Cap/T-shirt Embroidery Machine

4 head cap tshirt embroidery machine

4 Heads Tubular Embroidery Machine for cap / t- shirt
Suitable For Flat Bed Embroidery,cap Embroidery And Finished Garments Embroidery
Model Needle.NO  Head space
Embroidery size
speed(rpm)  Machine size(mm) 
HFII-C904 9 400 400*450 1000 2500*1200*1450
HFII-C1204 12 400 400*450 1000 2500*1200*1450
HFII-C1504 15 400 400*450 1000 2500*1200*1450
2 heads, 4 heads, 6 heads, 8 heads, 10 heads, 12 heads are available

* Suitable For Flat Bed Embroidery,cap Embroidery And Finished Garments Embroidery
* Free Changing Between Finished Garments Frame And Cap Frame
* Pattern Auto Ratation With 180°after Changing Cap Frame Unit 270°wide Cap Frame Unit
* Convenient Power Failure Recovery Embroidery Function,prevent Embroidery Half-way Off Cause Misalignment
* Lcd Display Showing Real Time Stitching
* Memory Size: 20000000stitches Matched With 200 Patterns
* Usb And Network Transmission Supported
* Full Screen Pre-view Design Trace Capable
* Auto Start And Color Change, Maximum 200 Times Color Change Supported
* Intelligent Break Detection, Accurately Detect Faces Break And No Bottom Thread.
* Main Shaft Support Shut Down With Axle And Without Axle, It Could Be Adjusted Anytime
* Perfect Pattern Stitch Compensation, Customers Could Change The Stitch Width (+/-0.3mm) According To Needs
* Ac110-220v Input, Adapt To Any Unstable Electricity Environment


* 8'' High Definition Color Lcd Touch Screen Display
* Usb Port On Side
* Multi Language Supported:chinese English French Russion Dutch Spanish 
Portuguese Turkish German Arbic Tai And Vietnamese
* Function Keys Including Menu, Speed Up And Slow Down (also Page Up And Page Down),help, Usb Input
* Numeric Keys For Selection Of Needles
* Cap To Flat Mode Switch Or Vice-versa

Akinola Emiola
Apr 02, 2020
What is the cost of four- head embroidery machines?
Mildred Nokwakha Ma
Feb 22, 2020
Hi. Kindly send me the qoutation for this 4 head cap including shipping to durban south africa.
Dec 31, 2019
Greatings, Please can you provide me with the cost/price of the 4head embroidery machine of 9,12,15 needle hefeng product and the shipping cost to Nigeria
Apr 28, 2019
Hi Please provide me with the price of embroidery machine number HFII-C904 With shipping cost to Middle East Dubai or Saudi Arabia
john sexton
Apr 02, 2019
i want to learn more about your embroidery machine to make shirts and caps for U.S. 2020 Presidential Election.