Cap/T-shirt Embroidery Machine

8 Heads Tubular Embroidery Machine

Suitable For Finished Garment, Caps And Flat Embroidery, Easy Handling, Easy Installation And Maintenance
Model Needle.NO  Head space
Embroidery size
speed(rpm)  Machine size(mm) 
HFII-C908 9 400 400*450 1000 3300*1200*1450
HFII-C1208 12 400 400*450 1000 3300*1200*1450
HFII-C1508 15 400 400*450 1000 3300*1200*1450
2 heads, 4 heads, 6 heads, 8 heads, 10 heads, 12 heads are available

* Suitable For Flat Bed Embroidery,cap Embroidery And Finished Garments Embroidery
* Free Changing Between Finished Garments Frame And Cap Frame
* Pattern Auto Ratation With 180°after Changing Cap Frame Unit 270°wide Cap Frame Unit
* Convenient Power Failure Recovery Embroidery Function,prevent Embroidery Half-way Off Cause Misalignment
* Lcd Display Showing Real Time Stitching
* Memory Size: 20000000stitches Matched With 200 Patterns
* Usb And Network Transmission Supported
* Full Screen Pre-view Design Trace Capable
* Auto Start And Color Change, Maximum 200 Times Color Change Supported
* Intelligent Break Detection, Accurately Detect Faces Break And No Bottom Thread.
* Main Shaft Support Shut Down With Axle And Without Axle, It Could Be Adjusted Anytime
* Perfect Pattern Stitch Compensation, Customers Could Change The Stitch Width (+/-0.3mm) According To Needs
* Ac110-220v Input, Adapt To Any Unstable Electricity Environment


* 8'' High Definition Color Lcd Touch Screen Display
* Usb Port On Side
* Multi Language Supported:chinese English French Russion Dutch Spanish 
Portuguese Turkish German Arbic Tai And Vietnamese
* Function Keys Including Menu, Speed Up And Slow Down (also Page Up And Page Down),help, Usb Input
* Numeric Keys For Selection Of Needles
* Cap To Flat Mode Switch Or Vice-versa