Special Embroidery Machine

Wire Stitching Machine

HEFENG Wire Stitching Machine Special for Automotive-Left-Right Feeding Structure, Apply to automobile heating seat, heating steering wheel wire wiring

Product Introduction


In 2019, Hefeng successfully developed and sold a complete set of equipment "automatic wiring machine", which is based on rope embroidery and expanded into heating wiring in the automotive and electric wire industries. It is suitable for industries such as automobile supplies, medical care, multi-functional apparel, etc. The equipment is fully intelligent and includes functions such as automatic heating, needle punching alarm, automatic thread feeding and thread cutting, automatic cloth feeding and rolling, etc.

Feature 1: Fully intelligent, automatic wire feed, automatic shutdown and alarm when the wire feed fails
Feature 2: the wiring has a needle alarm function, the cable tie automatically stops and alarms
Feature 3: Automatic thread cutting, upper thread and wire
Feature 4: Wires of different diameters can be accurately routed to achieve a small radius arc country
Feature 5: Large spool device, greatly increase the amount of spools installed, reduce downtime
Feature 6: The x-direction fabric follows, ensuring that the fabric is flat and not wrinkled, protecting the product
Feature 7: Automatic winding of left and right, automatic cycle work
Feature 8: Provide perfect technical support (process training, machine operation, plate development, after-sales maintenance, material application) to achieve smooth production from zero basis to large goods