Tapping embroidery machine

This Series Gathers Flat Embroidery, Tapping Embroidery, Coiling Embroidery, Flat Belt Embroidery, Bead Embroidery Function, Widely Used In Bedding, Children's Wear, Women's Wear. It Is Fully Functional And Has High Cost Performance, Which Helps Customers
.Integrated with flat embroidery, sequins, tapping, the operation mode is flexible and changeable
2.Automatic transfer of flat embroidery machine head and tapping head make the flat embroidery and tapping free of change
3.It can adjust the distance between the needle plate and the lowest point of the presser foot dropping as well as the working height of the presser foot directly on computer according to the thickness of cloth
4.After the tapping head embroidery is finished, the press foot can be automatically raised, the material disk will automatically return to the origin, and enter into the waiting status, convenient to change the frame and more feed plate and so on.
5.Many embroidery effect can be achieved through the selection of accessories and the reference of computer, such as coiling embroidery, flat belt embroidery, tapping embroidery, feather - like embroidery, serrated embroidery.

Model Needle Qty Head Interval (mm) Embroidery Area (mm)
HFTCIIIS-602 6 2 400-550 880*900
HFTCIIIS-604 6 4 400-550 900*900
HFTCIIIS-608 6 8 400-550 800*830
HFTCIIIS-910 9 10 400-550 900*840
HFTCIIIS-612 6 12 400-550 800*900
HFTCIIIS-918 9 18 400-550 1100*1100
HFTCIIIS-622 6 22 400-550 850*1000
HFTCIIIS-625 6 25 400-550 800*1100

All Machine Can Be Customized As Your Requirement


Feb 11, 2020
Dear Sir I am looking for single and double coiling machine .Please send me prices on my email. Regards Adnan Aziz