40 minutes to simulate a Hanxiu design

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Update time : 2021-03-11 15:23:43
Jingchu Net (Hubei Daily Net) (Reporter Qi Yixuan, Correspondence Tang Caoyun, Wu Yile) Colorful silk threads are flying at the fingertips, and lifelike flowers bloom on the soft fabric... March 8th, when the reporter walked in In the Han Embroidery Class of the Art School of Wuhan Business University, Huang Xiaofang, a non-genetic inheritor of embroidery and a teacher of the Art School of the school, was instructing students to embroider. More than 20 students sat on both sides of the stretcher, splitting the thread, threading and threading. , Accompanied by classical melodious music, bowing down to complete the work, it has a special charm.

Teacher Huang Xiaofang uses virtual simulation experiments to show students design patterns. Photo courtesy of correspondent

In the classroom, as the embroidery needles rise and fall slowly, the silk satin cloth gradually has delicate and delicate flower patterns. “The needles used in embroidery are very thin, and they are much shorter than the usual stitches for sewing clothes and buttons. It is not easy to thread the needles.” There are also five boys in the Han Embroidery Class of Wuhan Business School, "Xiu Lang", as one of the few in the class. One of the few boys, Zhan Gangming, a student in the Costume and Fashion Design Class of the College of Art 2018, said: "In the traditional impression, embroidery seems to be exclusive to girls, but I think boys can also try boldly and do better. ."

Han Embroidery Classroom. Photo courtesy of correspondent

In order to make the embroidery patterns more delicate, students in the Han Embroidery class use real silk satin fabric. A strand of mulberry silk thread must be divided into two small strands and then threaded into the eye of the needle before embroidering can begin. Embroidery is a test of patience. It takes three or four days to complete a small embroidery. What Zhan Gangming is embroidering is a sketch of a flower, just three or four blades of grass, it has already spent two days, "Before embroidering, you must divide the level according to the shape of the leaf, and draw the auxiliary according to the vein direction of the leaf. Thread." Zhan Gangming said that he got started very quickly. Although embroidering was hard, he enjoyed the quiet state of his heart when embroidering.

As a national intangible cultural heritage, Han embroidery has a history of thousands of years. It is a regional embroidery species in Hubei Province and a hand-embroidered art on the verge of loss. Han embroidery was once evenly divided with Su embroidery and Hunan embroidery, and was included in the second batch of national intangible cultural heritage in 2008.

In 2013, Wuhan University of Commerce opened the Han embroidery course for the first time in a university in Hubei. In 2020, the "Han Embroidery Apparel Design Virtual Simulation Experiment" course of Wuhan Business College was selected into the first batch of national first-class undergraduate courses. Today, this course is also being integrated into the embroidery classroom to bring traditional embroidery to life.

Student works. Photo courtesy of correspondent

Student works. Photo courtesy of correspondent

According to teacher Huang Xiaofang, the addition of the "Virtual Simulation Experiment of Han Embroidery Clothing Design" course allows students to learn theoretical knowledge by watching instructional videos, use simulation training to realize the mastery of Han embroidery stitches, and complete stitches, patterns and clothing styles. Fusion. The simulation experiment not only realizes the function of continuous trial and error and modification that cannot be achieved by traditional teaching, but also shortens the Han embroidery cycle and reduces the loss of one-to-one teaching teachers. It is understood that real Han embroidery takes about two months to design and embroider finished works. Through this simulation experiment, the finished effect can be seen in about 40 minutes.

"Before I always thought that Han embroidery was a time-consuming and laborious craft, and it was a bit'not keeping up with the times'. But as I slowly learned, I discovered the charm of Han embroidery itself. I also hope that Han embroidery can be used with modern technology. Carry forward in our younger generation." Zhan Gangming said that he has a small goal, and hopes to be "skilled" and use Han embroidery to describe the great rivers and mountains of the motherland.

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