Yang Mi's latest national style styling

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Update time : 2021-11-03 13:34:36
In the past few years, the national trend has become popular, and many artists have begun to try national style dressing. Recently, Yang Mi also tried a national style styling when participating in the event. Her gentle and long hair fluttered, and a light blue national style custom dress was simple, fresh and elegant. The flower group fan slowly covered her face and added a certain ancient charm, and the whole body color was fresh. Sense, but Yang Mi is more dazzling in everyone's eyes.

The ruffled cuffs on one side effectively integrate the national style design elements into the skirt, while the sleeveless design on the other side, with dropped shoulders, has a clear sense of asymmetry. The skirts have lengths and shorts. The skirt shape has a more obvious contrast, and the overall visual color is unified up and down, making it look gentle and demure.

The picture that gives people has a kind of gentleness of a Jiangnan woman, just like a fairy falling from the sky, it is also delicate and delicate, and meticulous. It is also watertight on the green leaves and tender branches, with fresh color and long-distance eyesight, which makes people love and cannot bear to profanity. Netizens couldn't help but type: "The ancient charm of the country does not use powder and Dai, the country is full of smoke and rain, the world is full of smoke and fire, and it is the most soothing for mortals."

I have to admit that Yang Mi's expressiveness is consistently stunning. This set of photos is beautiful, and my sister is in very good condition. The atmosphere of the country is full of atmosphere, like a fairy and beauty coming out of the painting. And such a color not only has the freshness and elegance of the national style, but also has a very obvious modification effect on the skin color. This kind of aqua blue on Yang Mi is an effective example...

Looking at the entertainment industry, who else is the popular star after 1985? Everyone has their own portrait of a beautiful woman in their minds. Everyone agrees that Yang Mi is not wrong, right? She has a good looks, a figure, and can act. She has a sense of presence in the show business and fashion circles, and she has been a boss to develop new artists. The influence of so many years cannot be underestimated.

Mentioning Yang Mi is a proper topic girl and there is nothing wrong. Recently, Yang Mi airborne a live broadcast room. During the live broadcast, Yang Mi also gave the audience an unexpected surprise, saying that the new TV series "Madam Hu Zhu" was about to meet with everyone. "Mrs. Huzhu" is adapted from Xiao Ruse's novel of the same name. It is an oriental legendary romantic costume drama starring by William Yang and William Chan.

At the end of October, a new pilot trailer for "Mrs. Huzhu" was officially released. Yang Mi still has the same fairy costume style, with large sleeves and plain clothes, full of ancient flavors. She also has a menswear look in the play, which feels similar to the previous "Shuyao". In addition, William Chan is also a very popular artist in the circle. He can act and sing, and his appearance is online. It is also worth looking forward to.

Yang Mi's performance in costume dramas should be especially anticipated by many netizens. She has performed many impressive costume roles in the past, so I believe this time will not disappoint the audience. Think about it, too, with Yang Mi here, the top-ranking joining, and the leading heroine, it is difficult to think about it without heat. It is not difficult to see that the popularity and expectations of "Mrs. Huzhu" are very high, and it is proper that there is nothing wrong with another unbroadcast work.

Speaking of the first cooperation between Yang Mi and William Chan, it has to be counted from more than ten years ago. William Chan first entered the domestic entertainment circle because he cooperated with Yang Mi in "Gu Jian Qi Tan" and became popular. In the show, he is a big brother. Now in the "Mrs. Huzhu" group CP with Yang Mi, I don't know what the effect will be?

However, many netizens are also worried. Although Yang Mi is a guarantee of ratings, I don't know how effective the broadcast will be this time. My sister has never overturned a car in an ancient puppet-themed drama. I hope this time will be equally exciting. The feature film is worth looking forward to.

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