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Embroidered cheongsam

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Update time : 2021-03-08 15:48:50


I have always liked items with embroidery!
They are all patterns, but it just feels that embroidery printing is a little more delicate than that.
It looks more advanced, and it is not afraid of the fading of the print and the peeling of the skin.
In contrast, it is meticulous and reassuring, making it impossible for people not to love it.
But the selection of embroidery is also more particular. I will give you a small plate.
The first point is to clearly distinguish the styles, which are roughly divided into two categories: machine embroidery and hand embroidery.
Most of the embroidery garments we can see on the market are machine embroidery, because it is simple and easy to manufacture, and the price is cheaper.
Hand embroidery is generally used for customized styles, or some high-end luxury brands, the price is relatively expensive, and the construction period is long, we will not consider this for the time being.
Secondly, embroidery does not only include embroidered patterns, like many lace hollow models, all belong to the scope of embroidery.
When picking, you should pay attention to take a look, especially to see if there are many embroidery products in this store, and whether the reviews are good or not.
In this way, it can be judged whether the manufacturer he is cooperating with is a large embroidery factory, and whether the threading work is OK.
I think that many of the embroidery items that I bought at a low price are all in tufts and tufts. I really can’t wear them. Girls must pay attention!
Today, I brought some embroidery items that I select. They are all that I think pass the test. The coverage is quite complete, and there are all kinds of skirts and shirts.
Not much to say, let's watch it together!



When it comes to embroidery, the only thing I have to mention is the cheongsam, after all, they belong to the ancestors.
Natural combination can also achieve quite good results!
I remember you said before that you want to improve the cheongsam, this one is very good!

It's not the waist waist style of traditional cheongsam, but rather looser.
It seems to have a sense of modernity, and the combination of traditional elements and national trends is particularly good!
Moreover, it is much more friendly to girls who are not so good in figure, and it is a little cheongsam that young people will also like.

The embroidery is not big, just two pieces on the chest, but it is bright enough.
It is the pattern of a kitten playing the pipa, and it feels like a combination of popular elements and tradition.
It can be regarded as a very representative item in the national trend!

There are many ways to wear it, and it can be worn as an oversize.
You can also tie a belt to pinch Xiaoman's waist.
It's a bit closer to traditional cheongsam. See if you like it!

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